National Costume - Miss Universe Sweden 2014

Design by Aviad Arik Herman        Camilla Hansson - Miss Universe Sweden 2014

Earth. 2014.  

We evident the Increase of Violence, hate, greediness, corruption, crime, terrorism, war, discrimination, inequality, aggression, rape, poverty, hunger, injustice, sorrow and pain.

These are very dark times, and a worrying futures That humanity is living towards. 

Nowadays, many Countries, Especially in Europe, doubt the relevance of a Beauty Pageant. And yet, it is happening - Empowering women, and inspiring young generation of dreamers and leaders. 

For Centuries, the winter-light festival,  Lucia,  has been celebrated on December 13 th , the darkest time of the year.  Lucia  comes to the world to enlighten and spread out compassion amongst human beings.

It is an extraordinary privilege and responsibility to Represent Sweden in the upcoming 
Miss Universe
  pageant, and for me as the designer to create the Costumes.

As Billions of people around the world follow -

It Is Important for me as an artist to do something meaningful, and stand for this urgent message -

for a light, bright future to all human beings on this planet.

I wish it would inspire people to choose light over darkness, to Choose Love & Compassion, over hate and violence. 

I am honored and very proud to present The New

National Costume for Miss Universe Sweden 2014 Camilla Hansson

                                           Aviad Arik Herman

My deepest gratitide goes to my wonderful, talanted and committed team -

Concept & Costume Design: Aviad Arik Herman
Design Assistant: Sarit Herman
Sewing: studio Tatiana: Link
Crown: Teshats: Therese Schimmelsohn
Hair & Make Up: Ann-Sofie Fiffi Hansson
Photography: Avi Ericsson
Photography Assistant: Hank Oscarsson

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