Busy day in the city... I LOVE NEW YORK!

Today was AMAZING! First, I met with Lu Sierra, the official walking coach for Miss Universe! I learned some AMAZING tips from her and truly felt empowered and informed before I left. Then, I got to meet with Yvone Christa, the wonderful amazing woman who made my crown. She has a showroom in NYC and in Stockholm! She also gave me some jewelry to help accompany my outfits during my trip to Miss Universe, she was so generous, it was amazing, pics to follow!

The day wasn't over yet. I went to shoot with none other than Fadil Berisha, the official Miss Universe photographer, we implimented some shots for a FACE Stockholm cosmetic campaign, with Yuko Takahashi doing make-up and Hajilde Farizi along with John Paul Hamilton styling. Hopefully you will see them very soon. They  (FACE Stockholm) are one of my sponsors - I LOVE their make-up, it's amazing! The photoshoot went really well, we used some Sherri Hill pieces, and then some other pieces that were borrowed. 

Then in the evening, I  was a guest of Tabber Benedict's at The New York Society For Prevention of Cruelty to Children, a non-profit foundation aimed at raising funds and awareness against the abuse and violence of children. It was at The Plaza Hotel and was absolutely amazing. All the day I was accompanied by my fabulous "handler" and "image consultant" John Paul Hamilton, who has been a strong guiding force during this whole process. 


Yuko Takahashi and I - she is amazing!


My crown! Jewelry all by Yvone Christa!

Fadil, I adore him! He was so amazing! I highly recommend shooting with him if you ever want to get involved with any pageant, at any level!


Red Carpet for the NYSPCC annual galaTabber Benedict and I

John Paul Hamilton and I


Until tomorrow,

Xo Hanni

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