I LOVE NYC! I am having SO MUCH FUN here... We just got home after driving through the city with some chaos, getting lost, getting scared, but the people here are so helpful and when they find out (thanks to John Paul Hamilton, my image consultant!) who I am, they like to take pictures and ask me questions about Miss Universe, Sweden, etc! Tomorrow, we have such a busy day! In the morning, our first stop is the Seafarers International House, which originally was a mission founded by the Lutheran Church to provide refuge to immigrants from Scandinavia in the USA, to this day it still helps displaced individuals while they try to acclimate to their new lives in the USA. We're finally visiting the Camuto Group showrooms of Vince Camuto and Jessica Simpson, and then we plan on visiting the World Childhood Foundation, which was founded in 1999 by Her Majesty, Queen Silvia of Sweden. It is a non-profit organization aimed at helping provide children the right to a safe and happy childhood, internationally. "Childhood supports around 100 projects in 16 countries, focusing on prevention, intervention and education efforts." - childhood.org

That is just day one of this week, which is filled with so much... a visit with so many exciting people! My crown designer (I can't wait to see it) Yvone Christa, Lu Sierra (official Miss Universe Walking coach), Fadil Berisha (make-up done by Yuko Takahashi and styling by Lauretta McCoy) (official Miss Universe photographer) and then a red carpet gala at  the ever so posh and famous Plaza Hotel in the evening benefiting New York Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. I am so excited to be doing all of these charitable events in the USA. I am sad to be leaving NYC to head to DC in a few days, but it has made my time here all the more memorable and special!


Red Lips by none other than FACE Stockholm... (I never wear red!)

If you are curious as to why I am writing in English tonight it's because I am trying very hard to practice, I know I speak Swedish well, but being a Miss Universe contender anticipates being able to communicate to many people on various levels... So exciting! But don't worry, this won't be a common thing.

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