Jacqueline Rybak

#1612 Jacqueline Rybak, 27 år från Kronoberg (Kandidat till Miss Universe) Jacqueline Rybak Jacqueline Rybak Jacqueline Rybak Jacqueline Rybak Beskrivning
My life consists of my amazing family, my partner and friends. Something I am grateful for every day. I work as a store manager and take care of a total of three stores in different cities. On my free time I do modeling jobs, travel and spend time outdoors. I have always valued that a healthy lifestyle is important to me and I prefer a long walk or a workout at the gym. In addition to this, I spend a lot of time in the air, on my way to a new country. Traveling and seeing the world is my great passion. Om du fick förändra något vad skulle du förändra? This is a very important topic. It's something that changes lives. A feeling of never fitting in, not being liked and worst of all - being bullied. This is the everyday life that meets children and young people in our schools. Being physically and mentally abused can have a terrible outcome. I want to prevent this. I will therefore represent the Friends organization and help them in their amazing work against bullying. A Hello can mean everything. Rösta genom att klicka på statyett 1-5
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Röster 19 st, Snitt 4.3/5 Statyetter.