Dragan Milakovic

#173 Dragan Milakovic, 28 år från Stockholm (Kandidat till Mister Universe) Dragan Milakovic Dragan Milakovic Dragan Milakovic Dragan Milakovic Beskrivning
Hi I am Dragan and actually it is always kind of hard to describe yourself. I think a 3rd person will always give you a better description of yourself. But if you ask me directly I would describe myself as a very caring and helpful person. I love to help other people no matter in which difficult situation they are. I am very passionate about fitness and nutirtion and give people a lot of advice about it. Besides of that I am a good listener, I love to cook for my girlfriend and spend time with my family. I am also a person that loves to discover new cultures and this is why travelling is one of my biggest passions. If you wanna get to know me much better or know more about me I would be very pleaseant to be invited to your casting. Om du fick förändra något vad skulle du förändra? If I could change something about me, I would not change anything. Everything that happenened in my life made me the person I am. I have a wonderful girlfriend and family that loves me for the person I am and also they would not change anything about me. If I could change something in for this world, I would like to inspire other people to believe in themselves, be more confident and respectful. I think we are living in a world where a lot of hate is spread around social media and we need to stop that. Rösta genom att klicka på statyett 1-5
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