He's a rebel with a tainted heart, even I know this ain't smart.

Tjoohoo lovers!
How's it going?
Yesterday I met with the man behind the blog, Drottningar! here in Södertälje. We had a nice little chat about all my experiences down in Sao Paulo and alot more. Look out his blog im sure he'll update soon =)
Then I had another meeting, so now I have three weeks of studying infront of me. (No comments .... )

Today Ive not been doing anything special but in an hour or two im hooking up with my  best friend forever Mac. Long time no see! Ive missed her so muuch =D <3

Me and my babygirl acouple of months ago.

Oh Im feeling all nostalgic, right now im listning to old tokio hotel songs. Haha, I was totally addicted to their music. I cried rivers during their concert. HAHA. It feels sooo long ago. (When it really was like a year ago, don't tell anyone) hahaha! 

Laters amigos <3

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Photographer: Fadil Berisha
Model: Me
Location: New York

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Dont cry because its over, smile because it happend.

 Hello sunshines!
How are you? Today Ive been walking (Yes walking....) around doing acouple of things that had to be done. Yepp, then I took Seidie to subway and now Im here. How great is that? :D
When Im bored I take pictures of myself, thats why out of 400 pictures, 390 is Me :) on my phone. And thats the secret of how you become Miss Photogenic... haha
What do you do when you're bored? 


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Best friend for ever


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Geneta Dagen 2011-09-24

Yesterday we were at an event organized by a gang of youths also known as Unga Geneta. An entire day filled with everything from sumo wrestling and bouncy castle for the kids and a raffle with an 4 iphone and a one months prepaid rent as price, for the elderly. But the main attraction was the big fashion show young people offer each year. I had the great honor to open the show and then the youths continued, all their clothes came from Carlings and bikbok. As you may know, I come from Sodertalje, but Geneta is the suburb I was born and raised in. So when they asked me if I wanted to be in the show, it was no doubt about it. The best thing I know is driven young people and this day is one of the great things they do! Big thank yous for inviting me and an even bigger thank yous for organizing such a successful day! =D

With some of the girls before the show.

One of my blog readers Suzan <3

After me came my nephew Gino! Yeah! =D


Haha! What a pose. Gabi and Gino doing -The Bobby Pose AWESOME!

And the final walk!

Some Fan photos! If you ever see me out there don't feel ashamed to ask for a picture, I love taking pictures and having a chat with you guys! You guys are the best! <3

The leather jacket and the fur west is from Monroe in Sture gallerian. Thank you Amanda for the great service! =D <3

Now im gonna try to get some sleep. Cause tomorrow Ive decided to start my work out again. (Yes Ive been very lazy the last weeks..)

Goodnight darlings! <3

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