How great do i feel about that? im so happy, chocked and ofcourse very excited for monday. I just want it to be monday now! =D
Im the third miss sweden to ever get this award, 1966, 1995 and 2011!
Out of 89 beautiful women I got the award and i cant find the words to describe my feelings.
And I won the award in the swedish final too. (I guess my five years as a model actually worked out! haha!)

so whats been up untill now, interview, national costume and priliminary!

interview outfit, dress rolando santana and shoes from jessica simpson, jewellery from the boutique lemore in sweden!

national costume maybyyd aviad arik herman from the national school of ballet in gothenburg!

and the award and my flowers! go sweden! <3

feeling patriotic again with my flag i got from miss sweden 1974 eva roembke and the samesky bracelet on my arm!

goodnight friends!
lots of love!

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Now I finally got twitter, follow me @RonniaFornstedt

Me in Aftonbladet Sondag. Swedish newspaper.

Time to sleep. Have to get up early for my interview tomorrow. Wish me Luck!
Sweet dreams! <3

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Hey again.

Some pics from the beach side a couple of days ago.


And one from the fashion show.

MWAH! <3

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6th September 2011

Im sorry for bad update. Just alot right now, rehearsals and today we had the preview!
I took a picture for you guys of how I looked.

Ronnia Fornstedt, 20, SWEDEN! (hihi)

This is a picture I took at the Modern museum of art, here in Saopaulo the other day.
I just fell in love with it. I think it describes Miss Universe in many ways.
pictures put together taken all over the world. One world united. Beautiful!

Hope you're all dong well. Love! <3

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Better late than never!

As promised, here is a picture of Eva Stefan, Froken Sverige 1974 & I!


Miss Universe

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